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9:15    Welcome by the UL Rector
9:30   Brief presentation of the EDITE project and the role of the UL
    | Ana Paula  Curado (UL Project coordinator)
9:45 Keynote presentation
    School in Teacher Education: Educating the teachers of teachers
    | Kari Smith (University of Bergen; Head of the Steering Board of Norway's National Doctoral (Research)
  Introduction by João Pedro da Ponte (IEUL director)
10:45   Debate
11:15   Coffee Break
11:30 Panel presentation of papers
    Researching With/As Practitioners in Doctoral Programs
    | João Pedro da Ponte (IEUL)
    Trends in graduate dissertations on TE
    | Luís Tinoca (IEUL)
    Beyond the Reach of Teaching: Vignette Research of Learning as Experience
    | Michael Schratz (UIBK)
  Moderator: Rozalia Ligus (ULS)
12:15   Debate
13:00   Lunch
14:30  Panel presentation of papers:
    New perspectives on Teacher's Doctoral Education - from knowledge transmitters to knowledge creators
    | Anca Nedelcu (UB)
    Research on Student Teachers’ and Teachers’ Beliefs and the Influences of this Research Field
    | Orsolya Kálmán (ELTE)
    The role of knowledge, skills and teacher education in the prevention of professional burnout
    | Małgorzata Sekułowicz (ULS)
  Moderator: Ana Paula Curado (UL)
15:30   Debate
16:00   Coffee Break
16:15 Workshops
    WS1: The notion of “learning” and “studying”: How do teacher education students in Europe understand these terms? How does this influence their professional development?
      Venue: Conference Hall
Moderator: Kathrin Helling (UIBK)
    WS2: How to integrate a “European Dimension” in teacher education research? What are the implications for teachers’ professional practice?
      Venue: Senate Hall
Moderator: Anca Nedelcu (UB)
    WS3: Lifelong learning and development of teachers and professionals in the field of teacher education: How can a doctorate in teacher education advance the competence development and professional practice?
      Venue: Senate Hall
Moderator: Małgorzata Sekułowicz (ULS)
17:30   Final panel
    Rapport of the workshop discussions
    Final remarks on the seminar by Romita IUCU, as ENTEP representative
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This seminar is organized in the scope of the EDITE project
Note | The seminar will be transmitted on line. EDiTE consortium members may intervene on line. For more information go to > EDiTE Project > Events

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